About us

Our company is owned by Robert Paver, Jaco Hanekom and Johan Rautenbach. Robert is well-known in the agricultural business and has more than 40 years of experience in managing businesses and in the marketing of agricultural products. Jaco is a well-trained and experienced after-sales manager, with many years of experience regarding the the technical aspects of agricultural equipment. Johan Rautenbach, from Raucor Boerdery, is a respected and well-known farmer in Bothaville and also has the largest fleet of Landini tractors in the Bothaville area.


Our mission

The mission of OMB Landini is to be the most respected and successful dealer of agricultural equipment in our designated area and to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.


Our aim

To accomplish our aim we support and empower our team members to provide only the best services to our customers. In our quest to sustainable growth, we strive for excellence and dedication in all of our daily operations.


Uncompromising quality products and services

OMB Landini is a proud stockist of Landini and McMormick tractors. These are brands well-known for its flawless designs. Both Landini and McCormick have built an extensive range of efficient, high-performance tractors, which are highly regarded by markets throughout the world.

OMB Landini also provides numerous other products and services. We sell and service new and second-hand tractors, implements and spares.

With us you are guaranteed uncompromising quality products and services.